Brown Pampas - 10 Stems // 75cm

Brown Pampas - 10 Stems // 75cm

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Our fluffy 10 stem Pampas bunches are great for creating forever bouquets, adding to flower arrangements or simply displayed in a vase. These Pampas stems can be cut to size to suit any vase size and are perfect for displaying on tables, sideboards or mantles.

All of the plumes in this bunch will vary in size and height. This is part of the beauty of these natural products.

Home Care:

  • It's important to fluff your pampas grass when you receive it, just give it a good old shake outside.
  • It's absolutely normal for your pampas to shed when it's been in transit. To help stop your pampas from shedding, give it a quick mist over with some hairspray.
  • These bohemian beauties last up to 3 years with the correct care. To keep your Pampas looking dreamy, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from draughts, this helps prolong it's life. 

Colour: Brown

Material: Pampas Grass

Size: Height approx 75cm.

Due to the natural materials of this product, stems and colour can vary and there will be some shedding. To prevent shedding, please see the above care guidance.