Log Cabin Incense Cone Holder

Log Cabin Incense Cone Holder

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This beautiful log cabin cone burner is a fantastic addition to our incense/Christmas range. When a cone is placed inside, the smoke escapes through the chimney giving the impression that there is a tiny fire inside!


How to use: Place the incense cone on the incense stand provided and place both on the base of the cabin. Light the tip and allow to burn for 3 seconds and then blow it out to release the aroma. If the cone doesnt start to smoke straight away, light the tip again and repeat the process. Cover the base and cone with the teepee.

This cabin burner must ALWAYS be used with the incense stand provided in the incense cone box,

This product is not intended for children.
It is not a toy, keep away from babies and children under the age of 14.

With improper use, it may cause serious burns. Always use caution, burning incense and candles are hot! The cabin burner will get hot during use, so please allow sufficient time to cool after use before handling.

Always place our incense on a heat-resistant surface.